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TRUEREAD Blood Glucose Monitor

TRUEREAD Blood Glucose Monitor
Item# 10428

TRUEread™ Blood Glucose Testing System

by: Home Diagnostics


Biosensor technology delivers outstanding performance at an affordable price. Results in only 10 seconds. Easy, two-step operation. Approved for alternate site forearm or fingertip testing. Capillary-action requires only 1 microliter of blood for more comfortable testing. Features 200 test memory, date and time and automatic coding with code chip. Data uploading capability. 


Contents include: 

  • TRUEread™ Blood Glucose Monitor with 3V battery installed
  • 10 TRUEread™ test strips
  • code chip
  • check strip
  • lancing device
  • clear cap for lancing device for alternate site use
  • 10 sterile lancets
  • owner's booklet
  • quick reference guide
  • self-test log book
  • compact carrying case
  • TRUEcontrol™ glucose control solution

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