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Carrington DiaB™ F.D.G. Freeze-Dried Gel (sold by case)

Carrington DiaB™ F.D.G. Freeze-Dried Gel (sold by case)
Item# 11051

DiaB™ FDG Freeze-Dried Gel 4" diameter


An extract of Aloe vera gel containing Acemannan Hydrogel™ with all water removed by freeze-drying. It is a sterile, preservative-free primary dressing that is non-irritating and non-toxic and returns to a moldable hydrogel as exudate is absorbed without fiber residue. If an amorphous hydrogel is needed, it can be hydrated with sterile saline/water or DiaB™ Klenz to attain the desired viscosity. It is indicated in the management of diabetic ulcers, foot ulcers, post surgical incisions and pain relief.

UPC: 053303002042
NDC: 5330300204

11051 - 4" diameter 15/bg, 4 bg/cs; 60 each/case. 

Sold by cs.