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Mabis LEGACY Wall-Mounted Clock Aneroid - Adult - Latex-Free

Mabis LEGACY Wall-Mounted Clock Aneroid - Adult - Latex-Free
Item# 11202

MABIS Legacy Wall-Mounted Clock Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

The MABIS® Legacy Clock Aneroid Sphygmomanometer has a special mounting bracket that allows the unit to swivel or to be removed completely while providing a built-in cuff storage area. The gauge is adjustable, so it can easily set to zero with use of the mini screwdriver. Includes: 8' coiled neoprene tubing, deluxe calibrated, nylon cuff and bulb with deluxe air release valve, wall mounting fixture and hardware and one mini screwdriver.

  • Quality and precision 
  • Adjustable gauge 
  • Deluxe calibrated blue nylon cuff 
  • Deluxe air release valve 
  • Five-year neoprene inflation system warranty 
  • Ten-year calibration warranty


11202 - LEGACY Wall-Mounted Clock Aneroid - Blue, Adult - Latex-Free; 09-166-011
11203 - LEGACY Wall-Mounted Clock Aneroid - Black, Adult - Latex-Free; 09-166-021