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Amalgam Carrier Delrin Tip

Amalgam Carrier Delrin Tip
Item# MX344311

Amalgam Carrier Delrin Tip

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MX344311 71-51 Amalgam Carrier Delrin Tip, Single End, Medium, White Tip Color; EA
MX352316 71-53 Amalgam Carrier Delrin Tip, Single End, Large, Yellow Tip Color; EA
MX344314 71-55 Amalgam Carrier Delrin Tip, Single End, Jumbo, Red Tip Color; EA
MX344316 71-63 Amalgam Carrier Delrin Tip, Double End, Medium/Large, White/Yellow Tip Color; EA
MX352320 71-65 Amalgam Carrier Delrin Tip, Double End, Medium/Jumbo, White/Red Tip Color; EA
MX344319 71-67 Amalgam Carrier Delrin Tip, Double End, Large/Jumbo, Yellow/Red Tip Color; EA
MX358510 71-69 Amalgam Carrier Delrin Tip, Double End, Jumbo/Jumbo, Red/Red Tip Color; EA

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