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Silver Points

Silver Points
Item# MX342288

Silver Points
*Please note that the stock photo may differ from the actual product model listed above.

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MX342288 017-22000 Silver Points, No. 8 10/Vial; PK
MX342289 017-22001 Silver Points, No. 10 10/Vial; PK
MX342290 017-22002 Silver Points, No. 15 10/Vial; PK
MX347580 017-22003 Silver Points, No. 20 10/Vial; PK
MX342291 017-22004 Silver Points, No. 25 10/Vial; PK
MX342292 017-22005 Silver Points, No. 30 10/Vial; PK
MX342293 017-22006 Silver Points, No. 35 10/Vial; PK
MX347581 017-22007 Silver Points, No. 40 10/Vial; PK
MX343457 017-22008 Silver Points, No. 45 10/Vial; PK
MX358470 017-22011 Silver Points, No. 60 10/Vial; PK
MX342294 017-22013 Silver Points, No. 80 10/Vial; PK
MX347582 017-22016 Silver Points, No. 110 10/Vial; PK
MX358213 017-22108 Silver Points, No. 15-40 Assorted; PK

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For Miltex products a minimum purchase of $70 is required.
Orders below this amount will be canceled.

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