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Mabis Self-Taking Home Blood Pressure Kit

Mabis Self-Taking Home Blood Pressure Kit
Item# 11150

MABIS® Self-Taking Home Blood Pressure Kit


Use the same type of blood pressure monitor as the professionals. Mabis Self-Taking Blood Pressure Monitor is easy to easy, professional, and clinically accurate. Home blood pressure monitoring provides your doctor with a record of measurements that are taken in the comfort of your own home. These readings, when conducted over a period of time, can show an indication of change. When combined with periodic measurements from your doctors office, your home monitoring will assist in the accurate evaluation of your health and help with important decisions that need to be made.

  • Clinical Accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Professional quality
  • Comfortable, firm eartips
  • Professional quality stethoscope
  • Aneroid gauge with large easy-to-read numbers
  • Easy squeeze inflation pump
  • Cuff fits most arm sizes


  1. Easy - Wrap cuff around arm
  2. Professional - Properly position stethoscope eartips
  3. Precise - Manually inflate by squeezing the bulb
  4. Controlled - Turn valve to steadily release the pressure


  • Toll-Free Customer Care Help Line 1-800-622-4714


11150 - Adult Culf; 10"-14" circumference; Attached 22" stethoscope; Deluxe D-ring cuff


11151 - Large Adult Culf; 13"-17" circumference; Attached 22" stethoscope; Deluxe D-ring cuff