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Tactile Tone Carvers

Tactile Tone Carvers
Item# MX347165
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Tactile Tone Carvers

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*Please note that the stock photo may differ from the actual product model listed above.

Product Options

MX352520 TCCD15 Tactile Tone Carvers, Cleoid Discoid 1.5mm, Double End; EA
MX349779 TCCD2 Tactile Tone Carvers, Cleoid Discoid 2mm, Double End; EA
MX347166 TCCD22 Tactile Tone Carvers, Cleoid Discoid 2.2mm, Double End; EA
MX347165 TCCD3 Tactile Tone Carvers, Cleoid Discoid 3mm, Double End; EA
MX349780 TCCD36 Tactile Tone Carvers, Cleoid Discoid 3/6, Double End; EA
MX347167 TCFR23 Tactile Tone Carvers, Frahm 2-3, Double End; EA
MX352521 TCGL1 Tactile Tone Carvers, Gollobin 1, Double End; EA
MX349781 TCHL12 Tactile Tone Carvers, Hollenback 1/2, Double End; EA
MX347169 TCHL12L Tactile Tone Carvers, Hollenback 1/2L, Double End; EA
MX347168 TCHL3 Tactile Tone Carvers, Hollenback 3, Double End; EA
MX352522 TCIP Tactile Tone Carvers, Baum Interproximal, Double End; EA
MX354694 TCIP1 Tactile Tone Carvers, Interproximal 1, Double End; EA
MX347170 TCIP2 Tactile Tone Carvers, Interproximal 2, Double End; EA
MX347171 TCIPX Tactile Tone Carvers, Interproximal GTX, Double End ; EA
MX352523 TCLC Tactile Tone Carvers, Lecron, Double End; EA
MX347172 TCPKT4 Tactile Tone Carvers, PKT 4, Double End; EA
MX349782 TCPKT5 Tactile Tone Carvers, PKT 5, Double End; EA
MX347173 TCTA1 Tactile Tone Carvers, Tharp 1, Double End; EA
MX352524 TCTH1 Tactile Tone Carvers, Thompson 1, (1/2 Hollenback Hoe & 3mm Discoid), Double End; EA
MX349783 TCTH2 Tactile Tone Carvers, Thompson 2, (1/2 Hollenback Hoe & 2mm Discoid), Double End; EA
MX347174 TCTH3 Tactile Tone Carvers, Thompson 3, (1/2 Hollenback Hoe & Wall 3), Double End; EA
MX352525 TCTH4 Tactile Tone Carvers, Thompson 4, Double End; EA
MX347175 TCTH6 Tactile Tone Carvers, Thompson 6, Double End; EA
MX354695 TCTH7 Tactile Tone Carvers, Thompson 7, Double End; EA
MX347176 TCTH8 Tactile Tone Carvers, Thompson 8, (3mm Cleoid & Wall 3), Double End; EA
MX352526 TCTH9 Tactile Tone Carvers, Thompson 9, (Hollenback 3 & Wall 3), Double End; EA
MX347177 TCTN5 Tactile Tone Carvers, Tanner 5, Double End; EA
MX349784 TCTN6 Tactile Tone Carvers, Tanner 6, Double End; EA
MX347178 TCUM1 Tactile Tone Carvers, University of Minnesota 1, Double End; EA
MX352527 TCUM2 Tactile Tone Carvers, University of Minnesota 2, Double End; EA
MX347179 TCUPR1 Tactile Tone Carvers, UPR 1, Double End; EA
MX347180 TCWA1 Tactile Tone Carvers, Ward 1 Carver Tactile Tone Double End; EA
MX349785 TCWA2 Tactile Tone Carvers, Ward 2 Carver Tactile Tone Double End; EA
MX352528 TCWACD Tactile Tone Carvers, Ward 1/2 3, Double End; EA
MX351699 TCWL123 Tactile Tone Carvers, Ward, Double End; EA
MX347181 TCWL3 Tactile Tone Carvers, Wall 3, Double End; EA
MX354696 TCWVA67 Tactile Tone Carvers, UWVA6-7, Double End; EA

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