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Bakes Dilators

Bakes Dilators
Item# SK369943

Bakes Dilators

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*Please note that the stock photo may differ from the actual product model listed above.

Product Options

SK369940 32-1533 Bakes Dilators; Long 3mm; Each
SK369941 32-1534 Bakes Dilators; Long 4mm; Each
SK369942 32-1535 Bakes Dilators; Long 5mm; Each
SK369943 32-1536 Bakes Dilators; Long 6mm; Each
SK369805 32-1537 Bakes Dilators; Long 7mm; Each
SK369806 32-1538 Bakes Dilators; Long 8mm; Each
SK369807 32-1539 Bakes Dilators; Long 9mm; Each
SK369808 32-1610 Bakes Dilators; Long 10mm; Each
SK369809 32-1611 Bakes Dilators; Long 11mm; Each

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SK372238 85-1636 Otis Bougie A Boule ; Set of 13
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SK372960 90-4925 Hank Uterine Dilators Double End Set of 6, From 9/10 thru 19/20 Without Khaki Roll; Set of 6
SK372963 90-5219 Pratt Uterine Dilator Double End 17/19 French; Each
SK372964 90-5223 Pratt Uterine Dilator Double End 21/23 French; Each
SK372967 90-5235 Pratt Uterine Dilator Double End 33/35 French; Each
SK372968 90-5239 Pratt Uterine Dilator Double End 37/39 French; Each
SK372969 90-5243 Pratt Uterine Dilator Double End 41/43 French; Each
SK374038 90-5264 Sklar Silicone Vaginal Dilators Large; Set of 4