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Cleansers: Housekeeping Housekeeping RMY4170429 Medline

Cleansers: Housekeeping Housekeeping RMY4170429 Medline
Item# MD360858

Cleaner, Practical Soluton, Sky Lght, 25gal - Cleansers: Housekeeping

Cleaner, Practical Soluton, Sky Lght, 25gal

Ramsey - Practical Solutions Products™ Dilution Control Systems.With Just A Push Of A Button, High Quality Ultra-Concentrated Products Are Diluted Accurately And Safely Every Time - No Measuring, Mixing, Guesswork Or Waste. Ultra-Concentrated High Quality Products Provide Maximum Economy And Less Frequent Product Replacements. Dilution Rates Are Flexible And Can Be Tailored To Specific Needs. Built For Safety, No Chemical Contact System Prevents Spills And Contact With Concentrates. All Labels Are Color-Coded, Number Coded And Feature Use-Icons To Aid In Identification. Economy And Convenience, Push Button Dispensing Is Easy And Goof-Proof. Eliminates Inaccurate Dilutions And Product Waste. Viewing Ports To Keep Concentration Levels Visible. Lock And Key Prevents Tampering. Sky Light® Na Non-Ammoniated Glass And Surface Cleaner. Streak-Free, Fast Wipe Out For Glass And Other Hard Surfaces. Delivers 25 Gallons Of Rtu Product. Green Seal Certified.

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Specifications for: Cleansers: Housekeeping, Cleaner, Practical Soluton, Sky Lght, 25gal RMY4170429

Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:RMY4170429
Packaging:1 Case; 2 Each / Case
Description:Cleaner, Practical Soluton, Sky Lght, 25gal
Top Seller:No
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: NO CODE; Housekeeping, Cleansers: Housekeeping

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