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Cool-Zone Gown Poly-Reinforced Cool Zone Gowns DYNJP2213 Medline

Cool-Zone Gown Poly-Reinforced Cool Zone Gowns DYNJP2213 Medline
Item# MD300247

Large (43", 109 cm) - Cool-Zone Gown, Poly-Reinforced

Cool-Zone Gowns Offer the Ultimate in Comfort

The back of the Cool-Zone gown features unique comfort panels made of lightweight fluid-repelling fabric that is breathable - allowing body heat to escape. The front and sleeve areas of the Cool-Zone gown are made of an exceptionally soft, yet fluid repellent fabric which offers superior strength and protection against strikethrough. The Cool-Zone gown features a velcro-style neck closure that easily accommodates various neck sizes for a custom, comfortable fit. Not only are the neck closures easy to use, the heavy velcro assures secure fastening with less chance of accidental opening. Cool-Zone gowns feature bonded sleeves (instead of stitched sleeves) for additional protection against strikethrough.Cool-Zone gowns are available in fabric-reindorced and impervious-reinforced styles. Even with the highest level of protection afforded by the impervious reinforced gown, Cool-Zone panels provide that extra level of comfort needed for extended procedures. The soft knit cuffs are not only comfortable, but their length facilitates closed gloving.

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Specifications for: Cool-Zone Gown, Poly-Reinforced, Large (43", 109 cm) DYNJP2213

Product Name:Cool-Zone Gown, Poly-Reinforced - Large (43", 109 cm);
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:DYNJP2213
Packaging:30 Each / Case;
Description:Large (43", 109 cm)
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Apparel, Disposable Protective Apparel, Protective Gowns, Sterile Surgical Gowns, Cool Zone Gowns, Cool-Zone Gown, Poly-Reinforced

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