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Floam Ankle Stirrup Brace DJO7981197

Floam Ankle Stirrup Brace DJO7981197
Item# IV359074

Floam Ankle Stirrup Brace

Provides stability by minimizing ankle rotation. Two polypropylene outer shells connected to a soft, adjustable foot piece. Lined with unique Floam bladders which provide a more uniform compression and customized fit. Floam easily flows to conform to the body shape, equalizing the pressure. It has no memory and is 50% lighter than most cushioning materials. Secures with hook and loop closures.

*Please note that the stock photo may differ from the actual product model listed above.

Specifications for: Procare Floam Brace Ankle R-Sp - DJO7981197

Product Name:Floam Ankle Stirrup Brace
Manufacturer:Dj Orthopedics Llc
Manufacturer #:DJO7981197
Packaging:1 Each/Each
Description:Procare Floam Brace Ankle R-Sp; Ankle Circumference~One Size Fits All;
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Orthopedics
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: L1906;

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