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Growth Charts Pediatric Care Scales MPH07SM6G Medline

Growth Charts Pediatric Care Scales MPH07SM6G Medline
Item# MD307279

3-18 years, girl - Growth Charts

These Growth Charts for boys (blue) and girls (pink) are the fast, convenient way to track length/height, weight, head circumfrence and Body-Mass-Index percentiles by age. Plot newborns up to thirty-six months on the 405b or 405g and children from two to twenty years on the 406b or 406g. Sheet Size: 8 x 11" 100 sheets per pad Derived from CDC data

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Specifications for: Growth Charts, 3-18 years, girl MPH07SM6G

Product Name:Growth Charts - 3-18 years, girl;
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:MPH07SM6G
Packaging:100 Each / Pack;
Description:3-18 years, girl
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Equipment, Scales, Pediatric Care Scales, Growth Charts

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