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Honeywell HEPA Tower Air Purifier KAZHPA050

Honeywell HEPA Tower Air Purifier KAZHPA050
Item# IV381753

Honeywell HEPA Tower Air Purifier

True HEPA filtration that captures up to 99.7% of airborne allergens 0.3 microns or larger. Activated carbon pre-filter helps reduce unpleasant odors. Circulates and cleans room air up to 5 times an hour. Emits no ozone from the filtration process. Recommended for spaces up to 170 square feet or room sizes up to 13-x13-. ENERGY STAR rated for energy efficiency. 5-year limited warranty

*Please note that the stock photo may differ from the actual product model listed above.

Specifications for: True Hepa Cmpct Tower Air Pur - KAZHPA050

Product Name:Honeywell HEPA Tower Air Purifier
Manufacturer:Kaz Usa Inc.
Manufacturer #:KAZHPA050
Packaging:1 Each/Each
Description:True Hepa Cmpct Tower Air Pur; Dimensions~13.15"L x 9.21"W x 17.76"H; Range~80 Sq Ft; Room Size~8 1/2 x 10 Ft;
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Respiratory
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: X-NO CODE;

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