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INRatio PT/INR Monitoring System Kit for Anticoagulation Management

INRatio PT/INR Monitoring System Kit for Anticoagulation Management
Item# 11657
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INRatio PT/INR Monitoring System

The New Continuum of Anticoagulation Management Allows for More Frequent PT/INR Testing to Improve Resident Care 

Prothrombin Time is a test of the blood's ability to clot. Blood clots form in response to vessel injury to prevent excessive loss of blood. If blood clots form inappropriately and lodge in the vascular system of important organs, serious consequences such as stroke can result. In certain medical conditions (i.e. atrial fibrillation or mechanical heart valves), blood clots are more likely to form and there is an increased risk of an adverse event. Oral anticoagulants are used to prevent clots in these conditions. 

Oral anticoagulants have a narrow therapeutic range and the response to a standard dose varies widely both between patients and within a patient over time. Patients undergoing oral anticoagulant therapy must have their level of anti coagulation monitored often. Dosage adjustment should be made as needed to ensure maximum safety and efficacy. 

INRatio empowers Healthcare Professionals to maintain complete control over PT/INR testing in support of improving patient care. INRatio provides results in less than two minutes using a simple fingerstick procedure. As studies have indicated, patients taking Warfarin that stay within their therapeutic range are significantly less likely to encounter an adverse event (references available). INRatio enables facilities to meet the challenges of managing their oral anticoagulation patients. 


11657 - INRatio Meter, Professional User's Guide, Quick Reference Guide, Power Supply, 50 Lancets, Training Video; P-T100004Z