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Joseph Skin Hook

Joseph Skin Hook
Item# SK370876

Joseph Skin Hook
*Please note that the stock photo may differ from the actual product model listed above.

Product Options

SK370876 47-2500 Joseph Skin Hook; 1 Prong Sharp; 6 1/4"; Each
SK370877 47-2502 Joseph Skin Hook; 2 Prong 2mm Sharp; 6 1/4"; Each
SK370878 47-2505 Joseph Skin Hook; 2 Prong 5mm Sharp; 6 1/4"; Each
SK370879 47-2507 Joseph Skin Hook; 2 Prong 7mm Sharp; 6 1/4"; Each
SK370880 47-2510 Joseph Skin Hook; 2 Prong 10mm Sharp; 6 1/4"; Each
SK370881 47-2512 Joseph Skin Hook; 2 Prong 12mm Sharp; 6 1/4"; Each

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