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Pediatric/Infant Formula: Med Nutrition R-L54665 Medline

Pediatric/Infant Formula: Med Nutrition R-L54665 Medline
Item# MD360711

Elecare Powder, 14.1oz Can, 6cs - Pediatric/Infant Formula: Med Nutrition

Elecare Powder, 14.1oz Can, 6cs

Elecare: Elecare Is A Nutritionally Complete Elemental Formula Specifically Indicated For Infants And Children Who Need An Amino Acid-Based Medical Food Or Who Cannot Tolerate Intact Or Hydrolyzed Protein. Elecare Is Indicated For The Dietary Management Of Protein Maldigestion, Malabsorption, Severe Food Allergies, Short-Bowel Syndrome, Eosinophilic Gi Disorders, Gi-Tract Impairment, Or Other Conditions In Which An Amino Acid-Based Diet Is Required. Elecare Unflavored Product Is For Both Infants And Children. For Oral Or Tube Feeding, Not For Parenteral Use. Features: Clinically Documented To Be Hypoallergenic, Virtually Eliminating The Potential For An Allergic Reaction; Clinically Shown To Support Growth When Used As A Primary Source Of Nutrition; 100% Free Amino Acids As Nitrogen Source; One-Third Of Fat As Medium-Chain Triglycerides, An Easily Digested And Well-Absorbed Fat Source; Stringent Manufacturing Standards To Reduce Risk Of Whole Protein Contamination; Does Not Contain Milk Protein, Soy Protein, Fructose, Galactose,Lactose, Or Gluten Unflavored; Powder: 14.1-Oz (400-G) Cans (Measuring Scoop Enclosed).

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Specifications for: Pediatric/Infant Formula: Med Nutrition, Elecare Powder, 14.1oz Can, 6cs R-L54665

Product Name:ELECARE POWDER, 14.1OZ CAN, 6CS;
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:R-L54665
Packaging:1 Case; 6 Each / Case
Description:Elecare Powder, 14.1oz Can, 6cs
Top Seller:No
Product Notes:ELECARE POWDER, 14.1OZ CAN, 6CS
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: B4161; Enteral Feeding & Medical Nutritionals, Pediatric/Infant Formula: Med Nutrition

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