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Remedy Olivamine Clear-Aid Skin Protectant, 2.5 oz. MSC094502H Medline

Remedy Olivamine Clear-Aid Skin Protectant, 2.5 oz. MSC094502H Medline
Item# MD316866

Clear-Aid Skin Protectant, 2.5 oz. - Remedy Clear-Aid Skin Protectant

An invisible ointment that shields the skin against excessive moisture from incontinence or wound drainage.

Clear protective moisture barrier that also adheres to wet, macerated skin and allows for easy monitoring. Recommended for use in perineal area and lower extremities to protect against minor skin irritation and dryness. Clear-Aid Skin Protectant acts as a protective moisture barrier, while some of its ingredients help absorb excessive moisture away from the skin. Although its primary ingredient is white petrolatum, this ointment also delivers natural oils necessary for skin health, helping re-establish the stratum corneum. With Clear-Aid, you may not need additional skin protectants to address dry and wet skin. This product can be used on any type of skin, from reddened to denuded or macerated skin. Clear-Aid contains safflower seed oil, which helps ease spreading and removal. Skin dragging is minimized. It is ideal for daily use.Active IngredientWhite Petrolatum (50%)Other recommended products:Use a Remedy Cleanser, such as the foaming cleanser or cleansing lotion, then apply Remedy Clear-Aid Skin Protectant.

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Specifications for: Remedy Clear-Aid Skin Protectant, Clear-Aid Skin Protectant, 2.5 oz. MSC094502H

Product Name:
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:MSC094502H
Packaging:1 Each / Each
Description:Clear-Aid Skin Protectant, 2.5 oz.
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Surgical Supplies, Skin Care, Skin Protectants, Light to Moderate Incontinence, Remedy Clear-Aid Skin Protectant

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