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SklarTech 5000 Babcock Forceps

SklarTech 5000 Babcock Forceps
Item# SK375961

SklarTech 5000 Babcock Forceps

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Product Options

SK375961 31-9105 SklarTech 5000 Babcock Forceps; Replacement Insert for 31-9105YC; 33cm 5mm; Each
SK376892 31-9105YC SklarTech 5000 Babcock Forceps; Ratchet Handle, Complete Instrument; 33cm 5mm; Each
SK377767 31-9140 SklarTech 5000 Babcock Forceps; Replacement Insert for 31-9140YC and 31-9140XC; 33cm 10mm; Each
SK377058 31-9140-45 SklarTech 5000 Babcock Forceps; Replacement Insert for 31-9140YC-45; 45cm 10mm; Each
SK377059 31-9140XC SklarTech 5000 Babcock Forceps; Non-Ratchet Handle, Complete Instrument; 33cm 10mm; Each
SK377766 31-9140YC SklarTech 5000 Babcock Forceps; Complete Instrument; 33cm 10mm; Each
SK377060 31-9140YC-45 SklarTech 5000 Babcock Forceps; Ratchet Handle, Complete Instrument; 45cm 10mm; Each

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