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Smith Peterson Osteotome

Smith Peterson Osteotome
Item# SK370223

Smith Peterson Osteotome

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*Please note that the stock photo may differ from the actual product model listed above.

Product Options

SK370212 40-6771 Smith Peterson Osteotome; Straight 6mm; 8"; Each
SK370213 40-6772 Smith Peterson Osteotome; Straight 10mm; 8"; Each
SK370214 40-6773 Smith Peterson Osteotome; Straight 13mm; 8"; Each
SK370215 40-6774 Smith Peterson Osteotome; Straight 16mm; 8"; Each
SK370216 40-6775 Smith Peterson Osteotome; Straight 19mm; 8"; Each
SK370217 40-6776 Smith Peterson Osteotome; Straight 25mm; 8"; Each
SK370218 40-6777 Smith Peterson Osteotome; Straight 31mm; 8"; Each
SK370219 40-6781 Smith Peterson Osteotome; Curved 6mm; 8"; Each
SK370220 40-6782 Smith Peterson Osteotome; Curved 10mm; 8"; Each
SK370221 40-6783 Smith Peterson Osteotome; Curved 13mm; 8"; Each
SK370222 40-6784 Smith Peterson Osteotome; Curved 16mm; 8"; Each
SK370223 40-6785 Smith Peterson Osteotome; Curved 19mm; 8"; Each
SK370224 40-6786 Smith Peterson Osteotome; Curved 25mm; 8"; Each
SK370225 40-6787 Smith Peterson Osteotome; Curved 31mm; 8"; Each

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SK370509 40-6218 Army Pattern Osteotome 18mm; 6 1/2"; Each
SK370527 40-6330 Stille Type Osteotome 10mm; 8"; Each
SK370530 40-6333 Stille Type Osteotome 22mm; 8"; Each
SK370543 40-6540 Lambotte Osteotome Straight Delicate 10mm; 5"; Each
SK370544 40-6542 Lambotte Osteotome Straight Delicate 12mm; 5"; Each
SK370547 40-6549 Lambotte Osteotome Straight Delicate 19mm; 5"; Each
SK370548 40-6550 Lambotte Osteotome Straight Delicate 20mm; 5"; Each
SK370551 40-6561 Lambotte Osteotome Straight 13mm; 9"; Each
SK370554 40-6564 Lambotte Osteotome Straight 31mm; 9"; Each
SK370556 40-6570 Lambotte Osteotome Curved 6mm; 9"; Each
SK370558 40-6572 Lambotte Osteotome Curved 19mm; 9"; Each
SK370258 40-6953 Hoke Osteotome Straight 3mm; 5 1/2"; Each
SK370259 40-6954 Hoke Osteotome Straight 4mm; 5 1/2"; Each
SK370264 40-6976 Hoke Osteotome Straight 16mm; 5 1/2"; Each
SK370265 40-6979 Hoke Osteotome Straight 19mm; 5 1/2"; Each
SK370982 41-1355 Silver Osteotome Guarded One Side Curved Open Right; 7"; Each
SK370983 41-1360 Silver Osteotome Guarded One Side Curved Open Left; 7"; Each
SK370992 41-1372 Cinelli Osteotome Guarded Both Sides Straight 12mm; 6 1/2"; Each
SK370993 41-1374 Cinelli Osteotome Guarded Both Sides Straight 14mm; 6 1/2"; Each