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Stille-Luer Rongeur

Stille-Luer Rongeur
Item# SK370458

Stille-Luer Rongeur
*Please note that the stock photo may differ from the actual product model listed above.

Product Options

SK370458 40-3985 Stille-Luer Rongeur; Double Action Straight; 8 1/2"; Each
SK370459 40-4085 Stille-Luer Rongeur; Double Action Curved; 8 1/2"; Each
SK370461 40-4090 Stille-Luer Rongeur; Double Action Angled; 8 1/2"; Each

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SK370482 40-4472 Ruskin Rongeur Angled To Side 5mm Bite; 7 1/4"; Each
SK370597 42-3429 Love-Kerrison Laminectomy Rongeur 5mm Down-Bite; 6"; Each
SK370600 42-3432 Love-Kerrison Laminectomy Rongeur 40 Forward-Angled Tip 5mm Bite; 6"; Each
SK370604 42-3438 Schlesinger Cervical Laminectomy Rongeur 5mm Down-Bite; 6"; Each
SK370606 42-3454 Love-Kerrison Laminectomy Rongeur 4mm Up-Bite; 8"; Each
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