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Web Instrument Guards OXB099005 Medline

Web Instrument Guards OXB099005 Medline
Item# MD305193

63.5mm x 76.2mm, black - Web Instrument Guards

Designed with a limited wall structure enables the Sterrad Plasma Sterilization System solution access to instruments while not compromising the sterilization process. Six different color-coded guards provide a convenient way to help protect rigid scopes and instruments from chipping and damage during sterilization, storage and handling. The assortment pack offers the easiest way to cover any shape or size instrument.

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Specifications for: Web Instrument Guards, 63.5mm x 76.2mm, black OXB099005

Product Name:Web Instrument Guards - 63.5mm x 76.2mm, black;
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:OXB099005
Packaging:24 Each / Pack;
Description:63.5mm x 76.2mm, black
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Central Sterile, Instrument Guards & Identification, Web Instrument Guards

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