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Welch Allyn Elite Streak Retinoscope W-A18245

Welch Allyn Elite Streak Retinoscope W-A18245
Item# 11730

Welch Allyn Elite™ Retinoscope

Makes refractions easier than ever by producing one of the brightest, sharpest, and cleanest streaks available.


  • Provides 2.8X the brightness of our standard retinoscopes 
  • Superior streak quality enables easier and quicker refractions—even in patients with small pupils 
  • Crossed linear polarizing filter eliminates bothersome glare from trial lenses, helping you perform a more precise exam 
  • External focusing sleeve improves comfort and maneuverability 
  • Sealed optics keep the lenses cleaner for more effective exams 

11730 - Welch Allyn Elite Streak Retinoscope; W-A18245
11731 - Replacement 3.5 V Lamp for Welch Allyn Elite Streak Retinoscope; W-A08200U