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With Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading rapidly we are running out of N95 masks, sanitizing, disinfecting, and other PPE supplies.

Please contact us at to confirm product availability before placing your order for any PPE supplies (N95 masks, sanitizing/disinfecting supplies, thermometers, isolation & protective gowns).

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak ALL SALES ARE FINAL.



Item# OS378087
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*Please note that the stock photo may differ from the actual product model listed above.

Product Options

OS378379 20051 Neo Oversleeve SM
OS378076 20052 Neo Oversleeve MD
OS379893 20053 Neo Oversleeve LG
OS378381 20054 Neo Oversleeve XLG
OS378382 20055 Neo Oversleeve 2XLG
OS378078 20056 Neo Oversleeve 3XLG
OS378383 20057 Neo Oversleeve 4XLG
OS378070 20251 Neo Undersleeve SM
OS378071 20252 Neo Undersleeve MD
OS378376 20253 Neo Undersleeve LG
OS379701 20254 Neo Undersleeve XLG
OS378073 20255 Neo Undersleeve 2XLG
OS378378 20256 Neo Undersleeve 3XLG
OS378075 20257 Neo Undersleeve 4XLG
OS378393 20448 Padded Sports Oversleeve Reg
OS378090 20449 Padded Sports Oversleeve LG
OS378386 20601 Sleeve Coolmax, Black 4 XSmall
OS378082 20604 Sleeve Coolmax, Black 5 SM/MD
OS379897 20610 Sleeve Coolmax, Black 8 2XLG
OS379707 20643 Softsleeve, Black 4 20in
OS379898 20644 Softsleeve, Black 5 20in
OS378087 20645 Softsleeve, Black 6 20in
OS379708 20646 Softsleeve, Black 8 20in
OS379899 20647 Softsleeve, Black 10 20in
OS379709 20682 Sport Undersleeve SM
OS379900 20683 Sport Undersleeve MD
OS378396 20684 Sport Undersleeve LG
OS379710 20685 Sport Undersleeve XLG
OS378384 B-250031802 Sleeve Coolmax White SM
OS378080 B-250031803 Sleeve Coolmax White MD
OS379705 B-250031804 Sleeve Coolmax White LG
OS378083 FR20607 Sleeve Coolmax, Black 6 LG
OS378389 FR20615 Sleeve Coolmax, Black 9 3XLG
OS378388 FR20618 Sleeve Coolmax, Black 7 XLG

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