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CTi OTS Ligament Knee Braces

CTi OTS Ligament Knee Braces
Item# OS377922
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CTi OTS Ligament Knee Braces
*Please note that the stock photo may differ from the actual product model listed above.

Product Options

OS380257 B-238500112 CTi OTS • Right • Small
OS377922 B-238500113 CTi OTS • Right • Medium
OS377924 B-238500114 CTi OTS • Right • Large
OS379668 B-238500115 CTi OTS • Right • XLarge
OS379435 B-238500116 CTi OTS • Right • XXLG
OS379488 B-238600112 CTi OTS • Left • Small
OS377923 B-238600113 CTi OTS • Left • Medium
OS377925 B-238600114 CTi OTS • Left • Large
OS377926 B-238600115 CTi OTS • Left • XLarge
OS377927 B-238600116 CTi OTS • Left • XXLG

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OS377932 B-239600112 CTi OTS Pro Sport • Left • Small;
OS377934 B-239600114 CTi OTS Pro Sport • Left • Large;
OS377935 B-239600115 CTi OTS Pro Sport • Left • XLarge;
OS377936 B-239600116 CTi OTS Pro Sport • Left • XXLG;
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OS378057 CustMinorRep Minor Repair (Broken Buckle, ACL Cable System, etc.);
OS378056 CustPartRefurb CTi Custom Brace Partial Refurbishment;