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Mueller AIRCAST® Sport Ankle Brace - Left

Mueller AIRCAST® Sport Ankle Brace - Left
Item# 10016

AIRCAST® Sport Ankle Brace
The Aircast Sport Ankle Brace provides maximum support after a severe injury and allows an athlete to get back to participation.  The brace is specifically designed for the left or right foot to help prevent inversion/eversion sprains with its aircell technology and semi-rigid shells.


  • Pre-inflated aircells cushion the interior of the brace and conform to the contour of the ankle

  • Semi-rigid shells form the exterior of the brace, and are designed for both comfort and support

  • One size fits all - Brace can be customized by adjusting straps, heelpad, and aircells


One-Size-Fits-Most  (Fits shoe sizes from women's 6 to men's 18)

10016  Left - White

AIRCAST® is a registered trademark of AIRCAST® Incorporated, Summit, NJ