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Medline Stage IV 3000 Bariatric Mattress System & Bed

Medline Stage IV 3000 Bariatric Mattress System & Bed
Item# 11008

Stage IV 3000 Pressure Relief System

The Stage IV 3000 Bariatric Multi-Zoned Pressure Relief System.


Many competitive Low Air Loss products use perforated mattress air cells to achieve "low air loss". Medline's Stage IV and TheraTurn systems can provide Controlled Low Air Loss (C.A.L) without perforated air cells. Our patented process delivers improved air circulation to the patient to help prevent heat and moisture build-up on the skin. If necessary, the caregiver has the ability to turn off the C.A.L. therapy with one touch of the control pad. Best of all, our C.A.L. therapy can be altered independently of the Alternating Pressure Therapy. Since the air cells of our Stage IV and TheraTurn products are not perforated, they remain fully inflated during patient transport or in case of a power outage.

Advanced technology provides improved therapy and ease of operation. Our patented Controlled Air Loss (C.A.L.) delivers improved air circulation to the patient, reducing heat and moisture build-up on their skin to prevent tissue breakdown. The use of superior materials in our mattress coverlets also helps to reduce the risk of skin shear. Our whisper quiet air pumps provide the proper therapy while maintaining a pleasant healing environment.

State of the art electronics assure the selected pressure therapy is delivered to the patient. the use of alternating inflated and deflated cells provides our superior pressure therapy. As cells are deflated, pressure reduces to zero in those areas while support of the patient is maintained by inflating alternating cells. In the event of power failure, air is "locked" in our inflated cells for up to 24 hours providing greater patient safety. Most competitive products use perforated air cells, which will deflate when power is lost. Superior therapy and worry-free operation is the hallmark of every Medline product.

The Stage IV 3000 has three pressure zones for maximum patient comfort and therapy. These three pressure zones; the head, trunk, and foot sections, can all be individually customized. Ideal for patients with advanced stages of pressure wounds, the Stage IV 3000 offers more aggressive therapies by combining Pressure Relief and Patented Controlled Air Loss (C.A.L.). C.A.L. is the only low air loss patented to reach the patient's skin.

The Stage IV 3000 has many modes including firm/transfer, air flotation, and rapid deflation. It features alternating pressure relief to zero pressure modes and has digital displays of actual pressures. The bed includes an integrated 2" foam mattress below a zippered, sealed system with 18 interchangeable air cells (6.5" cell height). It can automate settings based on individual patient weight and height and supports patients weighing up to 1,000 lbs.


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