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Norisc's Diabet-X Callus Treatment

Norisc's Diabet-X Callus Treatment
Item# 11056

Diabet-X® Callus Treatment

Deep moisturizing formula gently softens, soothes, heals and eliminates calluses on the fingertips. Does not contain ingredients that dissolve or burn skin tissue like other callus products. Antimicrobial ingredients guard against infection. Urea - binds moisture to the skin. Vitamins A & E -anti-inflammatory, moisturizers. Dimethicone - encourgages deep moisture penetration. Aloe Vera - soothes and heals. Allantoin - moisturizes and promotes healing. Antimicrobial Protection - defends against bacteria, lasts for up to two hours after application.

11056 - 4.2oz Tube