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Hemi Walker INV6252

Hemi Walker INV6252
Item# IV333935

Hemi Walker

Designed for patients with limited or no dexterity in one arm or hand, this lightweight walker combines support and stability. Easy to lift and maneuver, even with one hand. Extra handgrip provides ease in folding. Anodized aluminum tubing, no assembly required. Two-level, comfortable handgrips provide support for standing from a seated position. Slip-resistant rubber tips. 5-year limited warranty. Specifications: Dimensions: Height Adjusts from 29 1/2" - 34 1/2" Depth Folded: 3" Fits Users: 5' 1" - 5' 10" Product Weight: 2 lb, 14 oz Weight Capacity: 250 lb

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Specifications for: Adlt Hemi Walker - INV6252

Product Name:Hemi Walker
Manufacturer:Invacare Corporation
Manufacturer #:INV6252
Packaging:2 Each/Case
Description:Adlt Hemi Walker
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Ambulatory Products
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: E0135; This item is similar substitute for item CEXA873CO

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