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I-Class Dual-Release Paddle Folding Walker INV6291JR

I-Class Dual-Release Paddle Folding Walker INV6291JR
Item# IV332944

I-Class Dual-Release Paddle Folding Walker

Unique folding mechanism consists of ergonomic, nylon paddles resist cracking or shattering and are easy to reach from a seated position. Comfortably-shaped paddles "pop up" when walker is opened. Walker is light and easy to maneuver, yet features a wide, deep frame with a large number of height adjustments and a composite lower side brace for added stability. Patented anti-rattle silencers provide quieter operation. Folds easily for transport or storage. Adult and Junior models available with standard, 3", or 5" wheels. 5-year limited warranty. Features: Easy to Fold Easy to Maneuver Weight capacity: 300 lb Anti-Rattle Silencers Lightweight Wheels: Standard, 3", or 5" Adult and Junior Models Available

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Specifications for: Wlkr Fldg Ltwt Jr - INV6291JR

Product Name:I-Class Dual-Release Paddle Folding Walker
Manufacturer:Invacare Corporation
Manufacturer #:INV6291JR
Packaging:4 Each/Case
Description:Wlkr Fldg Ltwt Jr; Style~Junior; Fits Users~4' 4" - 5' 7"; Height Adjusts~25 3/8" - 32 3/8"; Depth~Open: 16 1/2", Folded: 4"; Width~Hand Grips: 17", Base Legs: 20 1/2"; Weight~5 lb, 1 oz;
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Ambulatory Products
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: E0135;

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