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With Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading rapidly we run out of all sanitizing, disinfecting, thermometer and N95 mask & all PPE supplies.

At this time WE DO NOT HAVE ANY:

Any new orders placed for these supplies WILL BE CANCELED

Please visit this page for all updates regarding availability of N95 respirator masks and sanitizers or contact us at before placing new order for PPE.

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak ALL SALES ARE FINAL.



Adson Dura Hook
Adson Dura and Dissecting Hook
Barr Crypt Hook
Barsky Double Skin Hook/Handle
Blocksma Cleft Palate Hook
Carroll Delicate Retr/Hook Sharp
Chamberlain-Fries Single Hook
Clayman-Jaffe Lens Manipulating Hook
Converse Skin Hook
Cottle Double Hook
Cottle Skin Hook
Cottle Tenaculum Single Hook Sharp
Covault Hook
Cushing Dura Hook
Dandy Nerve Hook
Day Ear Hook
Delicate Skin Hook
Dingman Zygoma Hook
Emmett Uterine Tenaculum Hook
Fenzl Lens Manipulating Hook
Frazier Dura Hook
Frazier Skin Hook
Freeman Skin Hook
Freer Skin Hook
Gillies (Converse) Skin Hook
Gillies Skin Hook
Graham Nerve Hook
Green Strabismus Hook
Gross Ear Hook and Spoon
Guthrie Fixation Hook
Guthrie Hook
Hirschman Iris Hook
House Hook
Humby Double Skin Hook
Hupp Hook
Jaffe Lens Manipulating Hook
Jameson Strabismus Hook
Johnson Skin Hook
Joseph Double Hook
Joseph Double Prong Hook
Joseph Hook
Kilner Hook
Kirby Muscle Hook and Expressor
Kleinert-Kutz Hook
Knolle Iris Hook
Kuglen Iris Hook & Lens Manipulator
Leep Emmett Tenaculum Hook
Leep Iris Hook
Lewis Delicate Skin Hook Sharp
Maltzman-Fenzl Lens Manipulating Hook
Mammaplasty/Mastectomy Hook Sharp
Mccoy Single Hook
MeisterHand Adson Dura and Dissecting Hook
MeisterHand Cottle Double Hook
MeisterHand Cottle Skin Hook
MeisterHand Day Ear Hook
MeisterHand Frazier Dura Hook
MeisterHand Gillies (Converse) Skin Hook
MeisterHand Guthrie Fixation Hook
MeisterHand Jameson Strabismus Hook
MeisterHand Joseph Double Hook
MeisterHand Joseph Hook
MeisterHand News Hook
MeisterHand Skin Hook
MeisterHand Stevens Tenotomy Hook
MeisterHand Tyrell Hook
MeisterHand Von Graefe Strabismus Hook
Millard Thumb Double Hook
Millard Thumb Single Hook
Nasal Tenaculum Hook
News Hook
Nova Jaw Hook
Nugent Hook
O Connor Hook
Osher Utility Hook
Osher Y Hook Lens Manipulator
Palate Hook
Pratt Crypt Hook
Rentsch Boat Hook Lens Manipulator
Rosser Crypt Hook
Seltzrer Dermal Biopsy Hook
Shepard Iris Hook
Single Skin Hook
Sinskey Ii Lens Manipulating Hook
Sinskey Lens Manipulating Hook
Skin Hook
Smithwick Nerve Hook
Smithwick Sympathectomy Hook and Dissector
Snook Hook
Stevens Tenotomy Hook
Stewart Crypt Hook
Straight Skin Hook
Tissue Twist Hook
Tyrell Hook
Uterine Tenaculum Hook
Vantage Covault Ovariectomy Hook
Vantage Snook Ovariectomy Hook
Vantage Tyrell Hook
Volkman Hook
Von Graefe Strabismus Hook
Widener Corneal Hook
Worst Pigtail Probe Hook & Spiral Probe