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Osto-EZ-Vent KEMKEM001

Osto-EZ-Vent KEMKEM001
Item# IV334587


An air release vent that fits on any manufacturers pouch. Easy to install and use, releases air build-up quickly and easily, bonds permanently, lasts as long as wearer wears pouch, and is not affected by water. Can be used on Preemie, Infant & fistula pouches. Features: Vents air from any pouch Easy to install and use Attaches to any pouch Bonds permanently and quickly Can be used on stoma caps and esophageal fistula pouches also

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Specifications for: Osto Ez Vent - KEMKEM001

Product Name:Osto-EZ-Vent
Manufacturer:Kem Enterprises
Manufacturer #:KEMKEM001
Packaging:10 Each/Pack
Description:Osto Ez Vent
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Ostomy
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: A4366;

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