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SharpSafety Multi-Purpose Sharps Containers KND8527R

SharpSafety Multi-Purpose Sharps Containers KND8527R
Item# IV335051

SharpSafety Multi-Purpose Sharps Containers

Features: Containers lock to secure contents for final disposal Nestable Save valuable storage space Adjustable rotor openings or hinged lids Accomodate various sizes of sharps Safe for autoclave and incinerator

*Please note that the stock photo may differ from the actual product model listed above.

Specifications for: Rooter-Hinged Lid 3gal Red - KND8527R

Product Name:SharpSafety Multi-Purpose Sharps Containers
Manufacturer:Kendall Healthcare Prod.
Manufacturer #:KND8527R
Packaging:10 Each/Case
Description:Rooter-Hinged Lid 3gal Red; Capacity~3 gal; Color~Red; Configuration~Hinged, Rotor Lid; Dimensions~13.75"H x 6"D x 13.75"W;
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Personal Protect Gloves
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: X-NO CODE;

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