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Stackable Sharps Containers ACM8705

Stackable Sharps Containers ACM8705
Item# IV329712

Stackable Sharps Containers

Stackable sharps containers are available in a wide selection of sizes and dimensions to suit the needs of individual physicians' offices, hospitals, and labs, or anywhere biohazardous sharps exist. Provide a convenient, economical solution with lower shipping cost. Transparent lids lock for final disposal and feature either a wide horizontal drop lid to accommodate larger syringes, or a tortuous path lid to limit hand exposure for added security. Made of strong polypropylene which meets or exceeds industry standards, and is resistant to punctures and leaks. Autoclavable to a maximum of 280°F (137°C), and incinerator safe. Features: Red Containers with Black Label: "Biohazard" and International Biohazard Symbol Stackable for Convenience Lower Shipping Cost Available in a Wide Variety of Sizes Transparent Lids Lock for Final Disposal Wide Horizontal Drop Lid or Tortuous Path Lid Strong Polypropylene Meets or Exceeds Industry Standards Puncture- and Leak-Resistant Autoclavable Incinerator Safe

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Specifications for: Sharps Cntnr 32 Qt Stackable - ACM8705

Product Name:Stackable Sharps Containers
Manufacturer:Medical Action Indst Inc
Manufacturer #:ACM8705
Packaging:10 Each/Case
Description:Sharps Cntnr 32 Qt Stackable; Dimensions~13.75" x 14" x 13.75"; Capacity~32 Gallon;
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Personal Protect Gloves
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: X-NO CODE;

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