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Accessories and Parts Beds GIC-1104336 Medline

Accessories and Parts Beds GIC-1104336 Medline
Item# MD361845

Motor Assembly, Hi/Lo - Accessories and Parts, Beds

Motor Assembly, Hi/Lo

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Specifications for: Accessories and Parts, Beds, Motor Assembly, Hi/Lo GIC-1104336

Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:GIC-1104336
Packaging:1 Each; 1 Each / Each
Description:Motor Assembly, Hi/Lo
Top Seller:No
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: NO CODE; Other Medical/Surgical Products - Durable, Accessories and Parts, Beds

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MD361353 MDR620094 PENDANT, W/CORD, 2 MOTOR, F/SERENITY BEDS; Pendant, W/Cord, 2 Motor, F/Serenity Beds; 1 Each / Each
MD361515 MDR620104 HANDLE, EMERGENCY CRANK; Handle, Emergency Crank; 1 Each / Each
MD361272 MDR620124 DRIVE SHAFT, 2 PIECE; Drive Shaft, 2 Piece; 1 Each / Each
MD361332 MDR620145 CLIP, ENGAGING; Clip, Engaging; 6 Each / Box; 1 Bag / Box
MD361354 MDR620154 PENDANT, W/CORD, THREE MOTOR; Pendant, W/Cord, Three Motor; 1 Each / Each
MD361493 MDR620175 LOCK, MOTOR, QUICK RELEASE; Lock, Motor, Quick Release; 1 Each / Each
MD361759 MDR630054 ASSEMBLY, FOOT SPRING; Assembly, Foot Spring; 1 Each / Each
MD361545 MDR630064 ACTUATOR, MOTOR, HEAD SPRING; Actuator, Motor, Head Spring; 1 Each / Each
MD361569 MDR630065 TUBE, EXTENSION, HEAD MOTOR ASSEMBLY; Tube, Extension, Head Motor Assembly; 1 Each / Each
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MD361517 MDR630084 JUNCTION BOX, 2 MOTOR, MEDLITE BED; Junction Box, 2 Motor, Medlite Bed; 1 Each / Each
MD361352 MDR630094 PENDANT, W/CORD, 2 MOTOR, F/MEDLITE BEDS; Pendant, W/Cord, 2 Motor, F/Medlite Beds; 1 Each / Each
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MD361351 MDR630154 PENDANT, CORD, 3 MOTOR; Pendant, Cord, 3 Motor; 1 Each / Each
MD361375 MDR630254 PANEL, LOW BED; Panel, Low Bed; 1 Each / Each
MD361495 MDR630EXT KIT, EXTENSION, 4IN, FOR MEDLITE BED; Kit, Extension, 4in, For Medlite Bed; 1 Each / Case
MD361393 MDSBEDCART KIT, BED CART, FOR HOMECARE BED; Kit, Bed Cart, For Homecare Bed; 1 Each / Case
MD361882 MDSLOWBED KIT, LOW BED, FOR FULL ELECTRIC BED; Kit, Low Bed, For Full Electric Bed; 1 Each / Case
MD361539 MDSRAILKNOB KNOB, RAIL, LOCKING, FOR BED HALF RAIL; Knob, Rail, Locking, For Bed Half Rail; 1 Each / Box
MD361744 MDTFLOORPAD MATTRESS, FALL, BEDSIDE 27 X 70 X 3; Mattress, Fall, Bedside 27 X 70 X 3; 1 Each / Each
MD361725 MDTFLOORPAD36 MAT, FALL, NON-FOLD, 36X70X3, NYLEX; Mat, Fall, Non-Fold, 36x70x3, Nylex; 1 Each / Each
MD361342 MDTFLOORPAD48 MATTRESS, FALL, BEDSIDE NYLEX 27X48X2.5; Mattress, Fall, Bedside Nylex 27x48x2.5; 1 Each / Each
MD361317 MDTFLOORPAD66 MATTRESS, FALL, BEDSIDE 24X66X2; Mattress, Fall, Bedside 24x66x2; 1 Each / Each
MD361316 MDTFLSTRIP24 FALL MAT, BEDSIDE GUARDIAN, 24X70X1; Fall Mat, Bedside Guardian, 24x70x1; 1 Each / Each
MD361826 MDTFLSTRIPG MAT, FALL, SAFETY ZONE, GRAY, 24X70X1; Mat, Fall, Safety Zone, Gray, 24x70x1; 1 Each / Each