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AllerTech Multi-Purpose Weather Mask 559-5256-0001 MABIS

AllerTech Multi-Purpose Weather Mask 559-5256-0001 MABIS
Item# MA327191
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AllerTech Multi-Purpose Weather Mask

Reduces exposure to allergens and irritants. Breakthrough for allergic and asthmatic individuals. AllerTech® Multi-Purpose Mask utilizes multi-layer filtration capabilities to reduce exposure to airborne particulates including dust, pollen, mold and animal dander. Lightweight and comfortable, it is ideal for all activities including vacuuming, cleaning, yard work and outdoor recreation. Adjustable latex ear loops provide a personalized fit and will not interfere with eyeglasses, earrings, hats or scarves. Rolls up for easy storage; washable and long lasting.

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Specifications for: AllerTech Multi-Purpose Weather Mask 559-5256-0001

Product Name:AllerTech Multi-Purpose Weather Mask
Manufacturer #:559-5256-0001
Packaging:1 Each/Each
Description:AllerTech Multi-Purpose Weather Mask
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:ADL
Keywords:UPC 0-41298-05256-2

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