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Anti-Fatigue Static Dissipative Mats Mats MAC4803X5 Medline

Anti-Fatigue Static Dissipative Mats Mats MAC4803X5 Medline
Item# MD306343

3' x 5' - Anti-Fatigue Static Dissipative Mats

If your feet are tired from standing, you should try out Happy Feet Mats. Most anti-fatigue mats have exposed foam which soaks up water, solution and other liquids, Happy Feet mats are made of a dense rubber cushion that is encapsulated within solid Nitrile Rubber to protect against deterioration and contamination. For added safety, Happy Feet has a low profile and beveled borders, borders that will not curl up and break off.

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Specifications for: Anti-Fatigue Static Dissipative Mats, 3' x 5' MAC4803X5

Product Name:Anti-Fatigue Static Dissipative Mats - 3' x 5';
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:MAC4803X5
Packaging:1 Each / Each
Description:3' x 5'
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Environmental Services, Supplies, Carpet & Floor, Mats, Anti-Fatigue Static Dissipative Mats

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