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ASORBS Premium Briefs Heavy MSC21400 Medline

ASORBS Premium Briefs Heavy MSC21400 Medline
Item# MD320120
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Regular (34"-56") - ASORBS Premium Briefs

ASORBS Premium Briefs Provide Superior Protection and Comfort

Super absorbent core provides superior containment and dryness.Soft non-woven top-sheet offers added skin comfort.Soft Polyethylene back cover protects clothes from leakage.Wetness indicator indicates when brief needs to be changed.

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Specifications for: ASORBS Premium Briefs, Regular (34"-56") MSC21400

Product Name:ASORBS Premium Briefs - Regular (34"-56");
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:MSC21400
Packaging:4 Bag / Case; 96 Each / Case;
Description:Regular (34"-56")
Top Seller:Yes
Keywords:Incontinent Care, Disposable Briefs, Heavy, ASORBS Premium Briefs

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ASORBS is a registered Trademark of Medline Industries Inc.