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Bellavita Comfort Cover Bellavita Accessories 460900252 Drive Medical

Bellavita Comfort Cover Bellavita Accessories 460900252 Drive Medical
Item# DR384806

Bellavita Comfort Cover

Color: White

The Drive Medical Comfort Cover-Set for the Bellavita Bath Lift is available White.

Cover Set Comfort for Bellavita Bath Lift

Overall Length (with backrest in a reclined position) 32.6", Overall Width (seat incl. side flaps) 27.5", Width of Seat 13.7", Depth of seat 16.5", Overall Length of Seat 22.4", Sitting Height Min. 2.3", Sitting Height Max. 18.8", Height of Backrest 25.1", Width of Backrest 12.5" - 14.1", Backrest Reclines 50 degrees, Width of Baseplate 12.2", Length of Baseplate 22", Load Capacity Max. 300 lbs., Total Weight (excl. hand control) 20.5 lbs., Shipping Weight 25.3 lbs.

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Specifications for: Bellavita Comfort Cover, Color: White 460900252

Product Name:Bellavita Comfort Cover, Color: White
Manufacturer:Drive Medical
Manufacturer #:460900252
Packaging:1 Each / Each
Description:Color: White
Top Seller:No
Product Notes:Product Size: Standard
Weight Capacity: Not Applicable
Primary Product Material: Plastic and Foam 
Optional Product Accessories:
Keywords:UPC: 822383227665; HCPCS: N/A; Bathroom Safety, Bath Lifts, Bellavita Comfort Cover, Bellavita Accessories, BS55

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