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Blades Rigid Laryngoscopes Endoscopic Devices MDS0421055 Medline

Blades Rigid Laryngoscopes Endoscopic Devices MDS0421055 Medline
Item# MD360120

Blade, Laryngoscope, Std, Mac, #3, Adult - Blades, Rigid Laryngoscopes

Blade, Laryngoscope, Std, Mac, #3, Adult

König® Standard Laryngoscopes Blades. For Many Years, The Light Bulb On A Standard Laryngoscope System Has Remained Unchanged. König Product Innovation And Engineering Expertise Brings Standard Light Laryngoscopes Into The 21St Century For The Best Quality And A Lifetime Guarantee. König System Features Include: Color Coding. All König Blades And Handles Are Color Coded, As Are Our Fiber Optic Systems, To Ensure That Compatible Blades And Handles Are Easily Recognized. Lifetime Guarantee. All König Laryngoscopes Come With A Lifetime Guarantee Against Faulty Materials Or Manufacture. This Means That, Should Any Part Of The System Fail, A Replacement Will Be Sent To You Immediately. Free Of Charge. (Guarantee Not Applicable To Bulbs. On Fiber Optic Blades, Maximum Guarantee On Glass Fiber Is 500 Autoclave Cycles.) Versatility. The König System Features Handles That Are Available With A Battery-Powered Option Or Long-Lasting Rechargeable Cells. Welded Design. Leaving No Crevices To Trap Dirt Or Body Fluids, Allowing The Blade To Be Easily Decontaminated And Cleaned, Without The Need For Any Disassembly. Macintosh. Adult 3

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Specifications for: Blades, Rigid Laryngoscopes, Blade, Laryngoscope, Std, Mac, #3, Adult MDS0421055

Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:MDS0421055
Packaging:1 Each; 1 Each / Each
Description:Blade, Laryngoscope, Std, Mac, #3, Adult
Top Seller:No
Keywords:UPC: 10080196291366; HCPCS: NO CODE; Endoscopic Devices, Blades, Rigid Laryngoscopes

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