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Cart Washer Detergent Case Cart Cleansers MDS8800C05 Medline

Item# MD305148

5-Gallon drum - Cart Washer Detergent

Highly-concentrated, non-foaming, alkaline cleaner is formulated expressly for heavy-duty cleaning of carts. Works well in automatic cart washers to quickly remove blood and tissue. Contains a rust inhibitor to prolong the life of carts and equipment, plus a rinsing agent to eliminate residue. Biodegradable and bacteriostatic. Use in conjunction with Rinse Aid.

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Specifications for: Cart Washer Detergent, 5-Gallon drum MDS8800C05

Product Name:Cart Washer Detergent - 5-Gallon drum;
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:MDS8800C05
Packaging:1 Each / Each
Description:5-Gallon drum
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Central Sterile, Instrument Cleansers, Case Cart Cleansers, Cart Washer Detergent

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