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COMPAT Feeding Pump-Dose Limit & Memory DOY199235 Novartis

Item# MD311738

FOR PURCHASE - COMPAT® Feeding Pump-Dose Limit & Memory

Lightweight, and Easy-To-Use for the Administration of All Enteral Formulas

The COMPAT Enteral Feeding Pump was designed with the nurse in mind to be versatile, lightweight, and easy-to-use for the administration of all enteral formulas. The pump's lifetime memory retains infusion rate, volume delivered, dose limit and accumulated volume, even after the pump is turned off. The dual display window allows the care giver to monitor infusion rate and volume delivered/dose limit simultaneously. The COMPAT Pump is designed for accuracy, is easy to set up and adjust, and the flat surfaces allow for easy cleaning.For more information click here:

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Specifications for: COMPAT® Feeding Pump-Dose Limit & Memory, FOR PURCHASE DOY199235

Product Name:Novartis Feeding Pumps - FOR PURCHASE;
Manufacturer:Novartis Nutrition Corporation
Manufacturer #:DOY199235
Packaging:1 Each / Each
Description:FOR PURCHASE
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Medical/Surgical, Enteral Nutrition, Devices, Feeding Pumps, COMPAT® Feeding Pump-Dose Limit & Memory

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COMPAT is a registered trademark of Novartis Nutrition Corporation