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DeLee Mucus Trap Canisters/Tubing DYND44110 Medline

DeLee Mucus Trap Canisters/Tubing DYND44110 Medline
Item# MD316377

10 Fr Catheter - DeLee Mucus Trap

Sterile DeLee Mucus Trap Valve Helps Minimize Contact Between Thumb and Fluids

This transparent 20cc mucus trap is graduated in 2 cc increments for easy measurement of the collected sample. An extra snap-on cap allows the safe transportation of samples. The DeLee catheter has two side eyes sized for maximal suction, a frosted finish for smooth insertion and secretion removal, and a forward-placed Contro-Vac valve for minimized mucus spray-back. Single-loop flexible packaging with easy-peel package minimizes storage space. (ID label included.)

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Specifications for: DeLee Mucus Trap, 10 Fr Catheter DYND44110

Product Name:DeLee Mucus Trap - 10 Fr Catheter;
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:DYND44110
Packaging:50 Each / Case;
Description:10 Fr Catheter
Top Seller:Yes
Keywords:Respiratory, Suction, Canisters/Tubing, DeLee Mucus Trap

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