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Disposable Patient Gowns Patient Apparel NON27146 Medline

Item# MD300142

SMS, Sleeveless, regular size - Disposable Patient Gowns

Medline Patient Gowns are Disposable and a Great Alternative to Reusable Gowns

Medline's patient gowns are as comfortable as fabric, and your facility can save on laundry expenses. Designed with the patient's comfort in mind and at an affordable price. They are available in 3-layer SMS material for comfort and fluid resistant, or in soft and absorbent Spunlace material. Can be worn with opening in front or back. Tie is attached to gown for snug fit. Available in blue SMS and Spunlace. Choose either sleeveless or short-sleeve style. Latex-Free.

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Specifications for: Disposable Patient Gowns, SMS, Sleeveless, regular size NON27146

Product Name:Disposable Patient Gowns - SMS, Sleeveless, regular size;
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:NON27146
Packaging:50 Each / Case;
Description:SMS, Sleeveless, regular size
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Apparel, Disposable Protective Apparel, Patient Apparel, Disposable Patient Gowns

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