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EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor QUE1124

EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor QUE1124
Item# IV382367

EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor

Designed specifically for pediatric patients, middle ear monitor uses soundwave technology to check the ear canal for the presence of fluid. Easy-to-use device can help monitor a child's ears for possible Otits Media with Effusion - non-infectious fluid, or Acute Otitis Media - an ear infection. Simply place the tip into the opening of the outer ear and press the button, and a light indicates when it's time to consult a physician. Helps prevent the use of unnecessary antibiotics and lowers the frequency of doctor visits. Features: Fast Results Painless Procedure Accurate Results Used by Doctors Safe for Children's Delicate Ears Helps Prevent the Use of Unnecessary Medications

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Specifications for: Earcheck Middle Ear Monitor-Ns - QUE1124

Product Name:EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor
Manufacturer:Quest Products Inc
Manufacturer #:QUE1124
Packaging:1 Each/Each
Description:Earcheck Middle Ear Monitor-Ns
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Home Diagnostics
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: X-NO CODE;

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