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Electrosurgical Pads 9100 Series 9165

Electrosurgical Pads 9100 Series 9165
Item# MD316695

15 sq. in./97cm2 - Electrosurgical Pads 9100 Series

The revolutionary electrosurgical pad is easy to place because of its smaller size.

The Medline 9130, 9135-LP, 9160, and 9165 Universal Grounding Pads all have a conductor area of 15 square inches, and come with the patented 3M Green Safety Ring technology which allows them to meet the same thermal performance standard as traditional pads up to 33% larger in conductor area. In addition, they have fluid resistant, non-woven backing which allows heat to pass through up to 25% faster than foam, and they have no minimum age or weight limit.

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Specifications for: Electrosurgical Pads 9100 Series, 15 sq. in./97cm2 9165

Product Name:Split, precorded
Manufacturer #:9165
Packaging:1 Each / Each
Description:15 sq. in./97cm2
Top Seller:Yes
Keywords:Surgical Supplies, Electrosurgical Products, Electrosurgical Grounding Pads, Electrosurgical Pads 9100 Series

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