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Endoscope Guards OXB095015 Medline

Endoscope Guards OXB095015 Medline
Item# MD304930

For Light Source (Fits all scope sizes) - Endoscope Guards

Provide protection for valuable endoscopes during handling and storage. These guards or covers, fit snugly over the distal tip and light source connector end.Tip ends stay cleaner with a guard in place while offering substantial protection from impact damage.

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Specifications for: Endoscope Guards, For Light Source (Fits all scope sizes) OXB095015

Product Name:Endoscope Guards - For Light Source (Fits all scope sizes);
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:OXB095015
Packaging:6 Each / Pack;
Description:For Light Source (Fits all scope sizes)
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Central Sterile, Instrument Guards & Identification, Endoscope Guards

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