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Filac FasTemp Thermometer & Probe Covers SWD202026 Tyco/Kendall

Filac FasTemp Thermometer & Probe Covers SWD202026 Tyco/Kendall
Item# MD319827

Filac FasTemp Oral Probe - Filac FasTemp Thermometer & Probe Covers

Filac FasTemp Thermometer Gives You Both Speed and Accuracy

Filac's Advanced Sensing Technology (FAST) allows thermometer to target a precise temperature by searching for trends that are unique to a patient's individual body size. Unlike other quick predictive thermometers that are programmed to display temperature within a specified time frame, FasTemp will not produce a reading until it complies with both ASTM and CEN standards. Yet results only take about 4 seconds for oral readings and 10 seconds for auxiliary and rectal measurements. Includes 30-second pulse timer and color-coded isolation chambers to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, wall-mountable base and mounting hardware.

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Specifications for: Filac FasTemp Thermometer & Probe Covers, Filac FasTemp Oral Probe SWD202026

Product Name:
Manufacturer #:SWD202026
Packaging:1 Case / Each;
Description:Filac FasTemp Oral Probe
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Diagnostics, Thermometers/Sheaths, Filac FasTemp Thermometer & Probe Covers

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