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With Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading rapidly we run out of all sanitizing, thermometer and N95 mask supplies. At this point we do not have any sanitizing, thermometer or mask supplies. Any new orders placed for these supplies will be canceled. 

Please visit this page for all updates regarding availability of N95 respirator masks and sanitizers.

Genius 2 Tympanic Thermometer Thermometers/Sheaths SWD303030Z Tyco/Kendall

Genius 2 Tympanic Thermometer Thermometers/Sheaths SWD303030Z Tyco/Kendall
Item# MD319835

Genius 2 Probe Cover - Genius 2 Tympanic Thermometer

Improves Durability and Accuracy, Minimizing the Need for Recalibration

Small tapered tip facilitates proper alignment with the tympanic ear canal to minimize technique errors, enhance patient comfort and facilitate pediatric use. 1-2 second response maximizes nursing time. Provides actual actual current temperature status unlike predictive devices. Shows oral, rectal, axillary and core or an absolute temperature readin in the ear setting, and can be customized according to hospital protocol. Reduces cross-contamination.

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Specifications for: Genius 2 Tympanic Thermometer, Genius 2 Probe Cover SWD303030Z

Product Name:
Manufacturer #:SWD303030Z
Packaging:96 Each / box;
Description:Genius 2 Probe Cover
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Diagnostics, Thermometers/Sheaths, Genius 2 Tympanic Thermometer

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Genius2 is a trademark of Tyco Healthcare Group or its affiliate.