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GLYTROL Diabetic Formulas NCL6275 Nestle

GLYTROL Diabetic Formulas NCL6275 Nestle
Item# MD320207

250mL cans, vanilla - GLYTROL®

Complete Nutrition Support with PREBIO¹ for Patients with Hyperglycemia

NUTREN® GLYTROL® Complete Nutrition for Patients with Hyperglycemia is a balanced nutritional formula based on the dietary guidelines of the American Diabetes Association for patients requiring blood glucose control. Its unique carbohydrate blend includes amylose starch and a mixture of soluble and insoluble fibers. It also contains PREBIO¹, a prebiotic fiber blend that helps promote a healthy gut microflora. MCT constitutes approximately 20% of the fat source, with the remainder as high-oleic safflower oil and canola oil to provide a diet rich in MUFA. Product uses the ULTRAPAK® System, a prefilled, non-air-dependent closed system designed to reduce set-up time, minimize the potential for bacterial contamination, decrease waste and provide the flexibility of a hang time of up to 48 hours.For more information click here:

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Specifications for: GLYTROL®, 250mL cans, vanilla NCL6275

Manufacturer:Nestle Clinical Nutrition
Manufacturer #:NCL6275
Packaging:24 Each / Case;
Description:250mL cans, vanilla
Top Seller:Yes
Keywords:Medical/Surgical, Enteral Nutrition, Nutrients, Tube Feeding, Diabetic Formulas, GLYTROL®

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