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IMPACT Critical Care/Surgery Formulas DOY358100 Novartis

IMPACT Critical Care/Surgery Formulas DOY358100 Novartis
Item# MD312084

250mL Cans - IMPACT®

Formula That Has Been Proven (Clinical Trials) to Improve Patient Outcomes.

Each member of the IMPACT family of products has a unique and patented formula that has been proven in clinical trials to improve patient outcomes. Specifically, patients who received an IMPACT formula in clinical trials developed fewer infections and had shorter hospital stays than those patients fed standard enteral formulas.IMPACT formula is a Medical Food -- consumers should consult with their physician on the use of this product.For more information click here:

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Specifications for: IMPACT®, 250mL Cans DOY358100

Product Name:IMPACT - 250mL Cans;
Manufacturer:Novartis Nutrition Corporation
Manufacturer #:DOY358100
Packaging:24 Each / Case;
Description:250mL Cans
Top Seller:No
Product Notes:IMPACT,250 ML CAN
Keywords:Medical/Surgical, Enteral Nutrition, Nutrients, Tube Feeding, Critical Care/Surgery Formulas, IMPACT®

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IMPCT is a registered trademark of Novartis Nutrition Corporation